Founded by Coach Clyde Harris, BBTC began as an outlet for local Boynton Beach area kids.  The purpose was to keep kids occupied and out out of trouble.  Also to encourage growth and help change their circumstance through athletics.  The ultimate goal was college and Hersey youth Track & Field Competitions created the catalyst necessary for individual growth.  Youth athletes were introduced to the fundamentals of Track & Field and taught that dedication, hard work, integrity, were characteristics necessary for success.





After many years of distinguished service to the community, Coach Clyde Harris retires as the head coach of BBTC.  He is replaced by Bayardo Sinclair who’s vision for expansion will propel BBTC as the premier destination for youth Track & Field development in South Florida.  The club officially become incorporated in 2013 and receive 503(c)3 exemption status from the IRS that same year.  Coach Sinclair plan for growth includes establishing after care services to assist our athletes with vital educational tutoring and test prep courses.  He believes athletes should be students first and prepared academically to earn the best scholarship opportunities available.  The key to his vision is to reach athletes during their elementary and middle school years.



Boynton Beach Track Club is dedicated to developing and supporting its student athletes in their efforts to achieve personal, academic and athletic excellence; resulting in the highest standards of achievement. Through its programs, the organization will provide a foundation which prepares our youth for future success, beyond athletics.


Boynton Beach Track Club is committed to excellence in athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in education and building healthier communities.

The Primary activity of Boynton Beach Track Club is to train and mentor our athletes to participate in USA Track & Field competitions. In addition, they are encouraged to excel, not only on the track, but in the classroom.

Our goal with the BBTC Family is to create a program that equips every participant with all the necessary coaching, personal mentoring, and expert instruction needed to become well-rounded student athletes. Our programs are structured around a team concept and emphasize dedication, integrity, and sportsmanship. We cater to athletes of all skill levels and commitment to sport.


Lisa Flower

Operations Manager

USATF certified coach Level I