The Dream Beyond the Finish Line program exemplifies our long-term commitment to “keeping kids on track” by adding an after-school educational program to increase college opportunity for the underserved middle and high school students of palm beach county. Educational attainment is more important to our economic success than ever before, and maximizing our students’ potential has been part of Boynton Beach Track Club’s renewed academic achievement initiative, providing academic resources and support to high school and middle-school students through our Dream Beyond the Finish Line Program.


Our intent is to provide twice-weekly individual or small-group college counseling sessions each semester, where students will be guided through the challenging process of identifying the right colleges to explore. With over 4,000 colleges in the country to choose from, it can be daunting at first. Our counselors can make suggestions, learn about your goals, needs, and strengths so that we can create a solid list of colleges that are good “fits” for each student.

Our goal is to have our  student apply to at least 2-3 colleges on or before November 30th of their senior year, and at least 6 colleges by December 31st of senior year. History tells us that following that schedule gives students the best chance to not only be accepted, but also to position our students in the best light to receive significant financial aid packages that make the schools affordable.


There will be several opportunities per semester for instruction and support for essential essays write skills.   In order to apply to college, and more importantly to apply for scholarships (some of which must be applied for prior to senior year), our students must possess the writing skills necessary to be competitive. Their essay can be the difference between being accepted into a school or not, and receiving a scholarship or not. Boynton Beach Track Club has had a long history of successful helping our athletes earn scholarships.  Our essay writing classes will help us carry-on that tradition.


In our continuous effort to maximize our students’ potential with measurable outcomes, we decided to add digital assistance to help our students attain their academic goals. The new program will adopted a rigorous academic achievement model that includes Math and English classes twice a week, and continuous remote support throughout the week. The program uses the Khan Academy’s platform to assist our students with 24/7 curated videos and exercises, access to timed SAT practice tests with real-time results, as well as in-class and remote coaching resources to assist students in achieving proficiency in Math and English.

The approach allows our academic coaching staff to create individualized Math and English study plans for the development of strong foundation skills. The program tracks students’ progress, applies early intervention for those in need, and allows high achievers to progress faster towards proficiency. By focusing on foundation skills, the program is enabling our students to significantly improve their academic performance at school, while also maximizing their performance on standardized tests.