Meaningful access to high quality after-school programming can have extraordinary impacts for young people. Regular participation can lead to significant gains in student achievement, improved work habits, and reductions in behavior issues.

At Boynton Beach Track Club, we believe that it is never too early to start preparing for college success. That is why we started the Dream Beyond the Finish Line Middle School program: an after-school program designed to engage and to support young athletes in Palm Beach County on their journeys to college success. We provide academic support, computer science education, and high school application guidance.

Our three areas of focus aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and hunger for learning that are critical to success.


At Dream Beyond The Finish Line, academic support is not about teaching kids. It’s about teaching kids how to teach themselves. For college and lifelong success, students must be self-motivated and self-driven learners. Using Khan Academy, Dream Beyond the Finish Line provides academic support and builds habits of academic reflection. Khan Academy allows students to work at their own pace, monitor their own progress and learn new material. With great persistence and guidance, our students benefit from Khan during their enrollment in our program and are motivated to use the platform outside of our classroom walls.


High quality computer science education empowers students to be active participants and citizens in an increasingly technological world. A pathway both to college and careers, computer science education aligns with the Dream Beyond the Finish Line’ vision of preparing students for lifelong success. Our students are technology enthusiasts and digital consumers. With hard work and engaging opportunities, we are nurturing their computational thinking, problem solving, and communication skills so that they can become the next generation of leaders in technology and innovation.